Magic! Okay, not quite…
Our technician is able to wash your car right where it’s parked because he uses a low-water, eco-friendly method that leaves no water run-off on the ground and provides an immaculate clean for your car leaving at the same time a layer of Brazilian carnauba wax.
Don’t get this confused with “waterless”… It’s not! Your technician will apply plenty of product and water to your car to ensure it’s entirely lubricated and safe for cleaning. Be sure that this method is completely safe and that it doesn’t harm or scratch your car’s body. For interior cleaning, your technician will use a powerful, hand-held, battery powered vacuum; no electric hook up needed. It’s all really quite simple and designed to be as easy as possible for you!

Our technicians are using premium wash and wax product in one process.  This product is designed to safely remove dirt and contamination from the surface without harming or scratching the painted surface. Once sprayed onto the surface, the unique emulsion will lift and emulsify dirt away from the surface suspending it in a unique blend of hyper-surfactants, natural carnauba wax, and gentle lubricating agents.  Once suspended, the variable contaminants that covered your vehicle’s finish can be safely and easily removed with the use of a soft microfiber towel. Advanced hyper surfactants allow the dirt to be surrounded and pulled from the surface while gentle lubricating agents allow the towel to glide effortlessly on the surface ensuring a perfect finish with a superior shine. The product is biodegradable and PH neutral, made to wash and wax in one step.
Your technician will arrive with everything they need to complete your wash! They will not need any access to water or electricity.
Upon signing up, you’ll provide us with your address and basic vehicle info, as well as a parking description. If the technician has trouble finding a vehicle – they’ll give you a call or text to ask for clarification.

Wash zone you can see here ( cover area ). We are working diligently to expand the service area so that everyone has access to a clean car, without the hassle.

If you have booked In&Out package, our technician will call you upon arrival and ask you to come and unlock the car, as well as to lock the car when the wash is finished. In case you have booked only exterior wash and paid by card, your presence is not necessary but it is advisable to meet your technician and make sure that the job is well done.

Our technicians are washing from 07h – 20h every day. But, during the winter when it gets dark earlier, from 16h – 20h we accept only washings in lighted garages.

f you have booked In & Out package, our technician will call you to come and unlock the car. If you have booked the exterior wash and paid by card, you will receive an SMS notifying you that the wash has been completed.
After the wash, you’ll have an opportunity to leave an optional review – our technicians appreciate the feedback!

To access the interior, our technician will call you when he gets to the vehicle and ask you to unlock the car. Do not leave the key to our technician, just leave the car unlocked until the washing is completed.

With our washing method, almost any standard dirty vehicle can be washed. However, if your car is covered with bird droppings or a layer of crusty mud, we advise you to take the car to a classic washing with a gun.

SprayOn connects you to a network of top rated technicians. All of the technicians working with sprayon are independent service providers that have been vetted for quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.
sprayon technicians are required to maintain high customer satisfaction ratings, so you’ll always get a high-quality service. Your car is in good hands!

Park where you normally do and we will wash your car there. It is desirable that the car is parked in the shade and in a place where all the doors can be easily opened.
Of course! Our technicians appreciate the gratuity!
If your car is parked outside and it starts to rain, we will postpone your scheduled wash until it clears up. You will be notified by call or message. If the car is parked in the garage, we will come to the scheduled wash despite the rain. If you still want to cancel the wash, please let us know in time.


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